Hans’s going away beers at Triple Rock. See you in Dresden! March 2017

Wang Lab Hike: Send-off hike before Jonghwan leaves for his faculty position! December 2016

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Dr. Dr.! Jonghwan and Long graduate (Spring 2015) (From Left to Right) Lili, Sufei, Zhiwen, Lu, Sheng, Feng, Ron, Long, Chenhao, Jonghwan, Steve, Jihun, Huiling, Halleh


Xiaoping’s farewell and setting up the New Campbell Laser Lab! (Winter 2014)

David’s Farewell Dinner (March 2012)


Group photo, August 2011. Top row left to right: Xiaoping, Jason, Long, David, Jonghwan, Hui Ling. Center row: Yaqing, Amber and Feng, Ron Shen and Hsiaolin, Tom. Bottom row: Fajun, Steve, Baisong, Kaihui and baby Joseph and Ying.

Principal Investigator

Professor Feng Wang

Phone: (510) 643-3275


Miller Research Fellow, University of California Berkeley  Aug. 2005 – Jul. 2007

Ph.D. Columbia University Oct. 2004

Postdoctoral Researchers

  • Chaw Keong Yong, PhD ( )
  • Sihan Zhao, PhD (
  • Lili Jiang, PhD (
  • Chan Shan Yang, PhD (
  • Guorui Chen, PhD (
  • Chenhao Jin, PhD (
  • Patrick Gallagher, PhD (

Graduate Students

  • Halleh B. Balch (Physics,
  • Steve Drapcho (Physics, )
  • Sheng Wang (Physics,
  • Iqbal Utama (MSE,
  • Tairu Lyu (Physics,
  • Emma Regan (AST,
  • Andy Lin (MSE,
  • Danqing Wang (AST,

Visiting Scholars

  • Professor Qi Liu, Professor at University of Chinese Academy of Sciences  (
  • Yudan Su, Visiting Graduate Student (Fudan University,
  • Wenyu Zhao, Visiting Graduate Student (Harbin Institute of Technology,
  • Shilong Zhao, Visiting Graduate Student (
  • Xiang Yuan, Visiting Scholar (Fudan University,

Undergraduate students

  • Zhiren Zheng, Berkeley Undergraduate (

Former group members and visitors

  • Alex Wang, Berkeley physics undergraduate,, now a grad student
  • Yu Guo, Visiting undergraduate student
  • Rai Takahashi Kou, PhD (, Postdoc now at AIST)
  • Ji-Hun Kang, PhD (, see more information at Ji-Hun’s google scholar page, link)
  • Jason Horng PhD, Graduate Student now Postdoc at University of Michigan ( (website)
  • Hans Kleemann PhD ( now Group Leader at TU Dresden
  • Jonghwan Kim PhD, Graduate Student, Now Assistant Professor (
  • Xunjun He Ph.D., Visting Professor (Harbin University of Science and Technology,
  • Mingming Lu, Visiting Graduate Student (
  • Likai Li, Visiting Graduate Student (Fudan University,, now visiting graduate student with former Wang Lab postdoc Sufei Shi at RPI
  • Bo Zeng (PhD 2015, now Research Scientist at Facebook,
  • Yinchuan Lv (undergraduate 2012-2015, now Graduate Student at UIUC,
  • Zhiwen Shi PhD. (Postdoc 2012-2015, now Assistant Professor at Shanghai Jiao Tong University, (website)
  • Long Ju (PhD 2015, now Kavli Fellow at Cornell, (website)
  • Sufei Shi PhD (Postdoc 2011-2015, now Assistant Professor at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute) (website)
  • Hui Shi (Visiting Student, Fudan University)
  • Xiaoping Hong (PhD 2014, Postdoc 2014, now physicist at Honeywell, (website)
  • Jim Hyungmok Son (Former undergraduate, now at Harvard,
  • Yizhe (Tony) Yang (Former undergraduate, now at Stanford EE
  • Siddharth(Sid) (Former undergraduate,
  • Yaqing Bie (Visitor 2010-2013, now a postdoc at MIT,
  • Xinglai Shen (Visitor 2011-2012, now a PhD student at Tsinghua University,
  • Qinghua Li (Visitor 2012-2013, now a PhD student at Tsinghua University,
  • Yinghui Sun (Visitor 2013-2014,
  • Yu-Chieh Wen (Visitor 2012-2014, now at Taiwan,
  • Hui Ling Han (Postdoc 2011-2014 [joint with Shen group], now a postdoc at LBNL,
  • Kaihui Liu (Postdoc 2009-2014; now Assistant Professor of Physics, Peking University)
  • Steven Byrnes (PhD 2012; now postdoc at Harvard)
  • David Cho (PhD 2012; now at Fish & Richardson)
  • Yisheng Yang (Visitor 2009-10; now PhD candidate, NUDT) (
  • Liang Sun (Postdoc 2009-10; now at IoP CAS)
  • Tomer Drori (Postdoc 2009-10; now at Nanometrics)
  • Weitao Liu (Postdoc 2009-10 [joint with Shen group]; now at Fudan University)
  • Tsung-Ta Tang (Tom) (Postdoc 2011-2013; now at Taiwan,
  • Jiong Shan (Visitor 2011; now PhD candidate, Fudan University)
  • Fajun Xiao (Visitor 2009-11; now PhD candidate, NPU (Xi’an))
  • Baisong Geng (Visitor 2008-11; now PhD candidate, Lanzhou University)
  • Dan Zhang (Visitor;
  • Xinhua Deng (Visitor 2012-2013)
  • Edwin Haung (Undergraduate students 2011-2013, now PhD at Stanford University.
  • Chiho Au-Yeung (Undergraduate students 2011-2012)
  • Chi-Sing Ho (Undergraduate students 2011-2012)