About us

The Ultrafast Nano-Optics Group is led by principal investigator Professor Feng Wang. We are interested in light-matter interaction in condensed matter physics, with an emphasis on novel physical phenomena emerging in nanoscale structures and at surfaces/interfaces.

We are associated with the Physics Department at the University of California, Berkeley; the Materials Sciences Division of Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, and the Kavli Energy NanoSciences Institute.

Lab news

July 2015: Our work on Luttinger-liquid plasmons in single wall carbon nanotubes is published in Nature Photonics (Link) (Press)

June 2015: Our work optically probing electrolyte interfaces is published in Nature Communications (Link) (Press)

May 2015: Long and Jonghwan get their PhDs!! Congrats guys!!

May 2015: Our work on designing “diatomic” high Q tunable dielectric gratings is published in Optics Express (Link)

April 2015: Our work on topological valley transport at bilayer graphene domain walls is published in Nature (Link) (Press)

December 2014: Our work on Optimizing Broadband Terahertz Modulation with Hybrid Graphene/Metasurface Structures is published in Nano Letters (Link)

December 2014: Our work on using circularly polarized light to manipulate valley degree of freedom in WSe2 is published in Science (Link)

October 2014: Our work on observing intrinsic bandage and Landau level renormalization in Graphene/BN heterostructure has been published in Nature Communications (Link)

October 2014: Our work on determining gate-dependent pseudo spin mixing term in Graphene/BN superlattices has been published in Nature Physics (Link)

August 2014: Our work on probing local strain at MX2-Metal boundaries with surface plasmon enhanced raman scattering has been published in Nano Letters (Link).

August 2014: Our work on ultrafast charge transfer between atomically thin MoS2/WS2 hetereolayers has been published in Nature Nanotechnology (Link).

June 2014: Our work on absorption cross-section determination of individual carbon nanotubes is published in PNAS (Link).

May 2014: Xiaoping gets the first Wang Lab PhD! Congrats Xiaoping, we’ll miss you!

April 2014: Our work on light induced doping on graphene/BN multilayer structures has been published in Nature Nanotechnology(Link) (Press(LBNL), Press(Phys.Org))

March 2014: Feng, among 5 recipients, is awarded the Bakar Fellowship(News).

November 2013: Our work of seeing single carbon nanotubes under microscope is published in Nature Nanotechnology(Link).

May 2012: Our work on optical transitions of carbon nanotubes has been published in Nature Nanotechnology(Link).

September 2011: Congratulations to Prof. Wang, who won a Presidential Early Career Award for Scientists and Engineers (News).

September 2011: Our work on graphene terahertz metamaterials has been published in Nature Nanotechnology (News) (Link).

March 2011: Our Raman-scattering and photoluminescence study of graphene has been published in Nature (News) (Link).

October 2010: Feng is one of only 17 scientists across the country to be awarded a Packard Fellowship (News).

January 2010: Feng has won a Department of Energy Early Career Research Grant (News).

November 2009: Our optical studies of bilayer graphene have been published in Nature (Link) and Nature Nanotechnology (Link).

April 2008: Our graphene optical study has been published in Science Express (Link).

February 2008: Feng has been awarded a Sloan Fellowship (News).


Update Date: July/2015